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Marxist Literary Theory Research Center

Sichuan University

The Marxist Literary Theory Research Center in the College of Literature and Journalism at Sichuan University was established in 2014. It mainly concentrates on Marxist literary theory and aesthetics. Studies in the center not only consider modern interpretations of classic Marxist literary theory, but also disseminate the latest research and information on Marxist literary theory and aesthetics in contemporary world. The center has established several subdivisions, including Chinese Marxist literary theory, Western Marxist literary theory, and Eastern European Marxist literary theory. The working team connects three generations of researchers whose work is devoted to Marxist literary theory, aesthetics and cultural theory. The center has also hosted a number of highly qualified post-doctoral fellows, Ph.D candidates, and M.A. candidates whose research relates to Marxist literary theory and participates in the fields of Chinese theory of literature or arts and aesthetics. By researching, translating, and studying the problems and methods of worldwide Marxist aesthetics, literature, and aesthetic theory, we are working to develop and expand the communications and discussions with foreign Marxist academic circles, and to promote the construction of Chinese Marxist literary theory, aesthetics, and art.

Directors: Professor Feng Xianguang; Professor Fu Qilin. Deputy Director: Professor Ma Rui. Secretary: Dr. Gao Shubo

Contact Information
Qilin Fu, Professor

Sichuan University
College of Literature and Journalism
Sichuan University
Chengdu City, China

Asie de l'Est
Asie et la côte Pacifique

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