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Centre of Global Studies

The Czech Academy of Sciences

The Centre of Global Studies at the Czech Academy of Sciences focuses on interdisciplinary research in the fields of philosophy and social science. It explores contemporary political, social and cultural changes which, as a consequence of the ongoing process of global interactions, influence the lives of individuals and whole societies. It studies these contemporary themes in the Czech, European, and global contexts. The Centre seeks to develop critical thinking and cooperation between several disparate scientific disciplines in order to articulate new issues and themes, and to elaborate critical theories which are linked with them. The Centre’s main focus is on themes of justice, legitimacy, participation, and democracy in the contemporary global context in social, political, and cultural philosophy as well as in political science, sociology, and cultural studies.

The aims of the Project include the following:

Pillar 1: Justice, legitimacy, participation and democracy.
Research on justice, legitimacy, participation, and democracy mainly in connection with key paradigmatic approaches to global issues.

Pillar 2: Cultural differences and social integration.
Research on the recognition of cultural differences and social integration mainly in the context of the relations between autonomy and plurality and freedom and equality – in both the cultural and intercultural frameworks.

Pillar 3: Human rights, state sovereignty, and intervention.
Research on principles of sovereignty, the legal and political system of the international community, and cosmopolitan principles, especially in connection with human rights.

Within the Institute of Philosophy, the Centre of Global Studies hosts an annual international critical theory conference that takes place in Prague during the month of May.

Contact Information
Marek Hrubec, Professor
Josef Velek, Professor

The Czech Academy of Sciences
Jilská 1
Jilská 1
Prague 1, Czech Republic
Czech Republic
+420 221 183 349

Eurasia and Eastern Europe

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J. E. Purkyně Fellowship