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Bibliography and Research on Eastern European Marxist Aesthetics

Sichuan University

The program in Bibliography and Research on Eastern European Marxist Aesthetics at Sichuan University is funded by the Chinese Academy of  Social Sciences from 2015 to 2020. It investigates the history and value of the project of Eastern European Marxist aesthetics. The program covers the relevant bibliography and the main concepts of Eastern European Marxist aesthetics: aesthetics as praxis, the aesthetics of realism, the aesthetics of modernity, the aesthetics of semiotics, and the aesthetics of genres. The program’s director is Professor Fu Qilin (Sichuan University). The program has hosted a number of distinguished scholars from throughout the world who work in this field, including Agnes Heller, Peter Steiner, Peter Beilharz, Feng Xianguang, Henri Zhao, Hu Yamin, and Zhou Qichao.

Qilin Fu, Professor

Sichuan University
College of Literature and Journalism
Sichuan University
Chengdu City, China

Asie de l'Est
Asie et la côte Pacifique

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