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Theory Camp

Taiwan Humanities Society

The Taiwan Humanities Society’s Theory Camp is for graduate students, teachers, and researchers, as well as cultural and art workers and other stakeholders. The Theory Camp is aimed at introducing important contemporary issues and theoretical points of view, promoting theoretical research in Taiwan, exploring the relationship between theory and Taiwan, and enabling interdisciplinary exchange and dialogue in the humanities and social sciences.

In recent years, all over the world there have been incidents involving social movements, such as the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, a series of citizens’ movements in Taiwan, and anti-nuclear protests, as well as movements related to labor, gender, culture, land, housing, ecology, and other issues. Against this background, the 2015 Camp took as its theme “movement,” inviting arts and cultural community groups, public intellectuals, and workers to examine literature, art, society, philosophy, and other fields. The event was divided into four themes, including cultural governance and cultural movements, public space and ideological movements, citizens’ movements, and new media, the environmental movement, and critical theory.

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