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Studio in Materialist and Decolonial Politics and Aesthetics

Hic Rosa Collective

The Studio in Materialist and Decolonial Politics and Aesthetics, a project of the Hic Rosa Collective, is a moving community of intensive study in politics, culture, and art. The primary objective of the studio is to provide an egalitarian, international platform for transdisciplinary work and collaboration in political theory and aesthetics, accountable to and in conversation with materialist and decolonial imperatives.

Participants share a stake in the question of method across the humanities and social sciences, operative in the realms of knowledge production and pedagogy alike, both within and outside the university. As critical theorists and theory-friends of various stripes, we want to ask how urgent political concerns can be kept in play to vitalize a decolonial materialism that is actively anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, and anti-fascist in form and content. Interested in suspending the presumptions that normalize settler colonial orders in the academy and the polity, we imagine a space hospitable to what is unsettled and insurgent in our time, a locus for building together alongside existing structures.

The studio emphasizes an ongoing critique and enactment of method that can only be made possible by centering a range of aesthetic and writing practices, including but not limited to the act of writing critical political theory. The intensive space of collaborative inquiry will have us returning to our projects not to defend and finalize them, but to approach them anew with different tools, imagining new accountabilities beyond the fabled theory/practice, activist/intellectual, and teacher/scholar divides across disciplines and institutions.

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Asma Abbas, Director

Hic Rosa Collective
Richmond, MA
United States

Amérique du Nord

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