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GSH Spring and Summer Seminar Series

Genoa School of Humanities

Established in 2013 and directed by Lorenzo Chiesa and Raffaello Palumbo Mosca, the Genoa School of Humanities (GSH) offers weekly series of seminars in English held by scholars of critical theory, philosophy, literature, and other subjects, as well as by psychoanalysts, filmmakers, poets, and novelists.

The GSH is as a venue where postgraduate students and young scholars have a real possibility of deepening their knowledge, not only by attending seminars, but also by actively discussing in an informal context their own research projects with highly qualified teachers and one another. One of the basic ideas of the GSH is that learning is enhanced by the suspension of formalisms, hierarchies, and the principle of authority that usually defines traditional academic contexts. Each day revolves around one or two presentations by an invited speaker and is enriched by roundtables, small study groups, and debates that are always attended by one or more seminar leaders. The exchange of knowledge and ideas is facilitated by the limited number of students (no more than 15), and by the interdisciplinary nature of the seminars.

Speakers and seminar leaders at the GSH are leading international figures in their academic and extra-academic fields. They are based both in Italy and abroad. Participants are thus exposed to different cultures, teaching methods, and disciplinary perspectives. They are also enabled to establish new research networks and acquire practical information on how to access Ph.D. and post-doctoral programs. The GSH has welcomed students from several countries, including Italy, the UK, Russia, Iran, Israel, and Ukraine.

Contact Information
Lorenzo Chiesa, Director
Raffaello Palumbo Mosca, Director

Genoa School of Humanities
Via Parini 10
Genoa, Italy

Balkans and Southern Europe

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