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Transformation Research Unit

Stellenbosch University

The Transformation Research Unit (TRU) comprises scholars from eleven countries across four continents brought together by a shared interest in studying democracy around the globe. The countries of interests include a cross-cultural selection of cases comprising South Africa, South Korea, Chile, Poland, Turkey, Germany, and Sweden; and cases located in the southern African region, which include South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. The cases are studied comparatively using a mixed-method approach.

TRU engages in research projects monitoring the cultural conditions for the persistence of democratic regimes since 2000. Apart from building and sustaining a long-term research program, the research unit established a postgraduate program related to its research topics. Students in the program benefit from TRU’s unique data collections. In that context, young researchers are provided with mentorship by senior scholars comprising the TRU network. TRU’s objective is to foster a new generation of academics in Africa.

Contact Information
Ursula Van Beek, Prof
Nicola de Jager, Dr

Stellenbosch University
Private BagX1, Matieland
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Stellenbosch, South Africa
South Africa
+ 27 21 867 1062/ + 27 21 808 2414

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