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The Current Conjuncture

Cornell University / Sussex University, UK

The purpose of this project is to bring together a group of critically-minded scholars to (a) assess the meaning of 21st century developments for the existing traditions of critical thought in which we’ve worked; and (b) explore what new ideas and narratives we can contribute to the revival and reorientation of those critical traditions.

This group includes scholars from both Cornell University in the United States and Sussex University in the United Kingdom. Our group of a dozen members is nowhere near large enough to provide a comprehensive response across all the relevant disciplines. But we do share both a global perspective on our subject matter and a sense of the need for new directions in critical thinking. And we do cover a number of core areas, including anthropology, comparative literature, gender studies, history, international relations, political economy, political philosophy, and historical sociology.


Contact Information
Fouad Makki, Professor
Enzo Traverso, Professor

Cornell University / Sussex University, UK
251c Warren Hall
K361 Klarman Hall
Ithaca, NY
United States
(607) 255-6237

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