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Psychology’s Feminist Voices Oral History and Digital Archive Project

York University

Psychology’s Feminist Voices seeks to document and analyze the relationship between feminism and psychology in North America and beyond. We interview and profile scholars who have brought feminist critique to bear on the epistemology, methodology, theories, and practices of mainstream psychology. Over 120 interviews and profiles of feminist psychologists are available at our website, http://www.feministvoices.com/presence. The website also houses over 120 original profiles of women in the history of psychology from its inception as a scientific discipline, thus facilitating the critical reconstruction of psychology’s history from the point of view of women and with attention to the influence of gendering on the development of the discipline, http://www.feministvoices.com/past. The site houses extensive bibliographies, teaching tools, and original videos on the history of feminist psychology, intersectionality, feminist research methods, and women’s mental health and feminist therapy. We have also produced a video series called Gender Matters: Using Gender-Based Analysis in Psychology (see http://www.feministvoices.com/gender-based-analysis/), which conveys how to identify and critically examine the influence of gender norms, stereotypes, and assumptions on the research process.

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Alexandra Rutherford, Professor

York University
Department of Psychology, York University
4700 Keele St.
Toronto, Ontario

North America

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