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«Meddlesome and Curious»

University of Lucerne

The research project «‘Meddlesome and Curious’: On the Realization of Democratic Freedom in Forms of the Non-Identical» («‘Fremd- und Vieltuerei’: Zur Verwirklichung demokratischer Freiheit in Formen des Nicht-Identischen») is headed by Christine Abbt. It builds an overarching framework under which various research projects are conducted.

We are engaged in exploring the functions and meanings of the foreign and non-identical for the realization of individual and democratic freedom. The historical analysis and systematic elaboration of our questions are especially based on philosophical texts of antiquity, the enlightenment, the 20th century, and the present.

Información de contacto
Christine Abbt, Professor
Leire Urricelqui,

University of Lucerne
Universität Luzern, Kultur- und Sozialwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Frohburgstrasse 3
Luzern, Schweiz

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