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Episódios do Sul (Episodes of the South)

Goethe-Institut Sao Paulo

The project Episódios do Sul (Episodes of the South) offers debates, research, exchange programs, and artistic and academic works over a period of three years. Each episode is connected to the others but has its own format and is devoted to a concrete question: Does a history of global art exist? What are the paths toward a decolonization of thought? What are the artistic visions of the future in Africa? How does one invent utopias in the Amazon Rainforest? What will the museum of the future be like? How does the South negotiate on the black market? What new methods for acquiring and mediating knowledge will emerge? What is the musical rhythm of the mass that revolts or stages an uprising? What effects does this mass have beyond the South? The project thus experiments with new points of view on art and culture. Using the “unvirtues” of the South, our episodes draw attention to the potential of nonconformist thinkers and bring to light new paths from the South to the South. With Episodes of the South, the Goethe-Institut dares to suggest new points of view and ways of thinking even though or especially because these points of view are still so little known.

Katharina von Ruckteschell-Katte, Director, Goethe-Insititut Sao Paulo and South America
Lorena Vicini, Project Coordinator, "Episodios do Sul"

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