Répertoire du Réseau International des programmes de théorie critique

Thesis Eleven: Critical Theory and Historical Sociology

La Trobe University

The purpose of this journal is to encourage the development of social theory in the broadest sense. We view social theory as both multidisciplinary and plural, reaching across social sciences and liberal arts, and cultivating a diversity of critical theories of modernity across both the German and French senses of critical theory. The identity of the journal, like its location, is multiple: European in the continental sense, but also transatlantic and colonial. The journal translates European social theory, mainstream and marginal, and it also takes theory from the margins of the world system to the center. Marxist by origin, postmarxist by necessity, the journal is vitally concerned with change as well as with tradition.

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Peter Beilharz, Professor
Trevor Hogan, Professor

La Trobe University
La Trobe University
Bundoora, Victoria

Asie et la côte Pacifique

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