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New Formations

New Formations has pioneered interdisciplinary research in the humanities and social sciences since the 1980s. The core intellectual remit of the journal is to publish original work that explores the uses of cultural theory for the analysis of political and social issues, be they historical or contemporary. New Formations publishes work from any discipline that meets this criterion, or that bears directly on current debates in cultural theory, cultural studies, or the wider critical humanities or social sciences, and that meets our quality criteria (set out below).

The journal has a particularly strong reputation as a forum for the development and application of cultural theory, and its readership crosses literary studies, media studies, philosophy, visual culture, film studies, musicology, postcolonial studies, gender studies, history, cultural geography, politics, sociology, and cultural studies.

New Formations routinely publishes articles by leading figures in these fields, as well as work by early-career researchers, as it has done since its inception. We are proud to combine an international profile and a reputation for experimentation and interdisciplinarity with a commitment to supporting the work of less established scholars wherever possible.

Previous contributors include: Parveen Adams, Ien Ang, Rosi Braidotti, Ian Buchanan, Susan Buck-Morss, Homi Bhabha, Victor Burgin, Iain Chambers, Claire Colebrook, Steven Connor, Joan Copjec, Jacques Derrida, Simon Frith, Paul Gilroy, Sue Golding, Peter Hallward, Esther Leslie, Doreen Massey, Susan McClary, Kobena Mercer, Meaghan Morris, Christopher Norris, John Rajchman, Kevin Robins, Gillian Rose, Jacqueline Rose, Lynne Segal, Robert Young, Slavoj Zizek, and Alberto Toscano.

New Formations is published three times a year.

Potential contributors should check our website for information and contact the journal’s editor at the dedicated email address (nfsubmissions@me.com). General inquiries can be directed to the editor at jeremygilbert@mac.com.

Jeremy Gilbert, Professor

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Europe du Nord

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