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New Critical Humanities, Utrecht Series

Utrecht University

What is the role of the humanities as critical disciplines in contemporary society? What are the distinctive methodologies that define humanities research today? How can we evaluate the limitations of the classical framework of critique (ideology critique, universal validity)? How can we engage in critique as embedded practice, with a comparative focus on European, East Asian, American, and other world traditions that surpass the wish for a eurocentric universalism? This series has a two-fold aim: to apply the best humanities methodologies in the study of a wide range of issues that are of global, transnational significance; and, at the same time, to develop a self-reflective critique and transformation of those methodologies themselves. The books in this series contribute to a re-imagination of critique itself; its powers, its strengths, and its possible effects. Grounded in the core humanities disciplines (including philosophy, literature and cultural studies), the series refounds and sharpens critique, thus situating the critical humanities at the center of our collective response to the fundamental demands of the twenty-first century.

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Birgit Kaiser, Professor
Timothy O'Leary, Professor

Utrecht University
Department of Languages, Literature and Communication
Trans 10

Western Europe

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