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Journal of Contemporary Thought

Forum on Contemporary Theory

The Forum on Contemporary Theory has been publishing the Journal of Contemporary Thought (JCT), an international peer-reviewed journal since 1991; it comes out twice a year, in summer and winter. JCT engages with or advances theory in the humanities by providing a forum for scholarly dialogue on a broad range of topics significant to our time and cultures. Its focus is interdisciplinary, with preference given to studies of cultural criticism, intellectual history, and present-day issues. It considers textual studies for publication when they are placed in a broad conceptual framework. Many of the issues are marked as special and are devoted to topics of current significance across disciplines, such as “identities: global and local”; “the ethical turn in cultural studies”; “revisiting the political”; “actually existing colonialisms”;“degrees of statelessness”; “space and spatiality”; “the humanities in the 21st century’;“utopias today”; “Global South, cultural dialogue”; “Tagore in the 21st century”; and “critical humanities.” The Journal has an editorial committee and advisory committee consisting of eminent scholars in the humanities and social sciences from India and abroad. The publication of the journal is being supported by periodic grants from the International Lincoln Center at Louisiana State University in Shreveport (USA); the Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi and the University of North Texas at Denton (USA).

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Prafulla Kar, Director
Bishnu Mohapatra, Senior Academic Fellow

Forum on Contemporary Theory
Centre for Contemporary Theory, C-304 Siddhi Vinayak Complex
Behind Baroda Railway Station (Alkapuri Side), Faramji Road
Baroda, Gujarat
91+0265- 2320870

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