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Critique and Humanism Publishing House

KX - Critique and Humanism Publishing House

For more than 20 years, we have been publishing books in humanities and social sciences with a special emphasis on critical theory, as one might guess through our very name. Critique and Humanism (KX) is a small independent publishing company, the only Bulgarian member of The International Alliance of Independent Publishers (headquartered in Paris), and a founding member of the Bulgarian Society of Publishers in Humanities. Many of our books are translations of some of the most valuable texts of contemporary critical philosophy, sociology, political and cultural theory, etc. The books are interlinked under well-established book series, among which the series Critical Theory (from 1990 onward) has been just one. We also publish some of the brightest critical theorists under book series such as EuropeS, Sociooptics, Ethos, Varius, and Cases. One could find among the authors we have been publishing all the well-known names of critical theory and its predecessors. We have become popular as a “publisher with philosophy,” and our publishing house has always been locally identified as the critical theory publisher.

Contact Information
Antoinette Koleva,
Asya Zaharieva,

KX - Critique and Humanism Publishing House
11, Slaveykov Square
Sofia, Bulgaria
(+359) 898 566 238

Eurasia and Eastern Europe

Year Established
1990, 1995 reorganized

Year Ended