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Critical Horizons. A Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory

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Critical Horizons is a journal of philosophy and social theory based largely in Australia that works at the intersection of philosophy, aesthetics, and social and critical theory. It brings together a unique combination of perspectives to create a vibrant forum for critical analysis and creative dissonance. Critical Horizons is dedicated to publishing original analyses of contemporary social and cultural life from those working at the forefront of critical thinking as well as new generations of critical theorists from across a broad range of cultural contexts and theoretical traditions.

Critical Horizons publishes articles from critical theorists working in social and political philosophy, aesthetics, spatial and urban theory, anthropology, history of ideas, film and art theory, gender studies, comparative literature, and social and critical theory.

Critical Horizons is an internationally refereed journal and has published the work of Etienne Balibar, Andrew Bowie, Fred Dallmayr, Manfred Frank, Agnes Heller, Dieter Henrich, Axel Honneth, Martin Jay, Richard Kearney, Alphonso Lingis, Paul Patton, Jacques Rancière, Emmanuel Renault, and Richard Rorty.

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