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Chung Wai Literary Quarterly

National Taiwan University

Founded in 1972, Chung Wai Literary Quarterly emerged as a pioneering journal for comparative studies of Chinese literature and literatures from other parts of the world. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Chung Wai also branched out to publish highly original articles on cultural studies, critical theory, and ground-breaking studies on Taiwan literature. The journal ushered in new fields of study and new critical paradigms for local as well as international Chinese-speaking intellectual communities and became a prestigious interdisciplinary scholarly journal. Named Excellent Academic Journal by Taiwan’s National Science Council, Chung Wai has consistently earned recognition and praise from domestic scholars and specialists  worldwide. The journal has led innovative inquires and remained committed to a rigorous double-blind peer review system.

In addition to an editorial board that consists of prominent Taiwanese scholars with diverse specialties, our advisory board includes internationally renowned scholars such as Rey Chow, Ping-hui Liao, Shu-mei Shih, David Der-Wei Wang, to name just a few who are based in the US. Under the editorship of the present editor-in-chief (since January 2015), Chung Wai has published three special issues, including the March 2015 issue on the Sinophone and the September 2015 issue titled “Agamben’s Contemporaneity and East Asian Resonance.” Special issues published before 2015 include “Our Euro-America(s),” “Life, Politics, Ethics: Responses from Literary Studies,” “Minor Theatre,” “Transnational Culture and Taiwanese Literature,” “Urban Space and Cultural Governance,” “Digital Culture,” “Chinese-Language Literature in the United States,” “Hospitality,” and “Cultural Translation in the Asian Context.” Apart from themed articles, most issues of Chung Wai also include scholarly articles on other topics of broad intellectual significance. Our journal also regularly publishes book reviews, and it has featured interviews, short responses to published articles, and written versions of forums or round-table discussions, in order to facilitate in-depth inquiries into topics of common interest.

Contact Information
Li-Chun Hsiao, Professor
Hsiu-ting Jian Jian, Executive Editor

National Taiwan University
Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, National Taiwan University
1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Road
Taipei, Taiwan

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