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Culture, Power and Politics

Public Seminar Series

Culture, Power and Politics is an occasional open seminar for anyone who is interested. The series explores ideas from the traditions of cultural studies and radical theory, considering their relevance to understanding contemporary political issues, struggles, and campaigns, as well as key themes in political history. It takes place in London.

The idea for the seminar came out of discussions among members of various activist and think-tank networks and the Centre for Cultural Studies Research at the University of East London. Our hope was for the sessions to be useful and relevant both to political activists and organisers and to others simply interested in exploring the ideas. We also wanted our sessions to work for people who have no prior knowledge of the subjects as well as for those who may be world-class experts, and everyone in between. If you don’t know anything about these subjects, then you should feel free to come and find out. If you’re an expert, then you’re welcome to come and join in the discussions to help others learn and to deepen your own understanding through conversation.

The seminars have been running in different formats and venues since 2015, and we think they have been very successful at achieving what they set out to do, so we are continuing with them. Almost all of the seminars to date have been recorded and podcast.

We maintain a mailing list with information about upcoming events that anyone can join through our website.

Jeremy Gilbert, Professor

Public Seminar Series
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