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The Women and Memory Forum

The Women and Memory Forum (WMF) is an Egyptian research organization consisting of researchers/activists dedicated to the production of specialized knowledge in the field of gender and women’s studies. Our aims are to strengthen women’s rights movements, raise awareness and empower women in the Arab world. We seek to address what we perceive to be key obstacles confronting Arab women. These obstacles include scarce alternative cultural and political knowledge about women in history and contemporary society, and hegemonic discourses that undercut women’s rights and aspirations. We also see ourselves as an integral part of a feminist transnational movement seeking more equitable and just societies. The Women and Memory Forum began in 1995 as an idea among a small group of researchers and developed into an organization that invited more members to participate, in the process expanding our scope and interests.

Contact Information
Hoda Elsadda, Chair of the Board
Maissan Hassan, Program Officer

12 Soliman Abaza St.
+(202)37613484 +(202)37498197 +(202)37497527

Northern Africa

Year Established