Directorio de la red internacional de programas de teoría crítica

Taiwan Humanities Society

The Taiwan Humanities Society (THS) mainly consists of Taiwan-based humanistic scholars and art workers who are committed to critical theory or critical thinking. THS is devoted to coordinating Taiwan’s critical theory scholars and resources, developing Taiwan- and Asia-specific theory studies, enhancing multidisciplinary collaborations, and promoting dialogue between local and international academic communities.

THS’s chief commitment is to bring Taiwan and East Asia to bear on Western critical theories, with the aim of promoting and establishing in various humanistic disciplines critical or theoretical methodologies that are globally relevant and simultaneously Taiwan- or East-Asia-inflected. To achieve this aim, THS has been hosting and organizing activities, including theory study groups, theory camps, and a series of “Theory—Taiwan” and Asian theories forums and international symposia. THS is also initiating collective research projects that experimentally addresses the work of Western theorists (including Deleuze, Lacan, Foucault, and Agamben) in relation to Taiwan or East Asia. Projects in the planning stages include “Theorizing Life in East Asia,” “Asia Assemblage,” and «Posthumanities.»

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