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Sofia Literary Theory Seminar

University of Sofia

The rationale for establishing the Sofia Literary Seminar (SLS), drawn from the experience of the last decade of communism in Bulgaria, is that institutions can and should be used in a transversal manner: opening new spaces for discussion in them by ignoring bureaucratic and economic pressures and frameworks. SLS has no office and no funding of its own, but it relies on University of Sofia auditoriums and pro bono logistics. In Eastern Europe literary theory used to provide a platform for multidisciplinary intellectual resistance and critique; SLS is motivated by the belief that this platform can perform similar functions today. Its activities include closed seminars and well-attended public lectures and discussions, as well as joint publications, whose goal is exploring and developing theoretical instruments with critical and transformative potentials, or, as the brief formulation of the SLS mission statement holds, “the research and elaboration of concepts (ideas, notions, terms, theories), which grasp and problematize transformation … with resources for social and cultural critique.”

Contact Information
Miglena Nikolchina, Professor

University of Sofia
University of Sofia Department for Literary Theory
15 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd.
Sofia, Bulgaria
+359 8 8944 1628

Eurasia and Eastern Europe

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