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Critical Finance Studies

Although critical attention is regularly devoted to finance, it generally takes the form of a call for transparency or the systemic repair and restructuring of a paradigm in need of a shift. While finance is clearly a societal domain ridden with crisis, our sense of critique embraces the possibility of risky confrontations with the external powers that drive finance, as well as with internal, ethical struggles that impact the critic’s own situation within academic discourses on finance. We seek to take into account the critic’s relationship to finance and to discourses on finance, including received values, moral codes, authoritarian knowledge, political correctness, academic manners, common sense, good will, opinion, and implicit presuppositions. We also approach finance through avenues that have been under-explored, including studies of finance’s relation to theology, philosophy, art, music, film, new media, and television, to give just a few examples.

Joyce Goggin, Professor

Universiteit van Amsterdam
Spuistraat 134
+31 20 5256182

Western Europe

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