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Collective for Social Interventions

The Collective for Social Interventions (Bulgarian acronym: KOI, English acronym: CSI, established in 2013) is a non-governmental organization that grew out of the first social center in Sofia (named Haspel, established in 2010). CSI encourages the publication of progressive literature, political education, and policy-oriented research dealing with inequalities, privatization, and economic and social policy. CSI works with a wide range of partners, including academics, journalists, students, activists, researchers, and artists both from Bulgaria and the wider Eastern European region. The mission of CSI is to foster critical discussion on pressing social issues such as the erosion of democratic citizenship, inequality, the rise of the far-right, and related problems. CSI deploys critical reflection on contemporary Bulgarian society in order to bring about the empowerment and emancipation of oppressed and marginalized social groups.

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Stanimir Panayotov,
Georgi Medarov,


Eurasie et Europe de l'Est

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