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Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy

The Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy (ASCP) aims to foster interest and support research in the field of Continental/European philosophy, understood in a broad and interdisciplinary sense, in Australia, New Zealand, and in the Australasian region, and to provide a network for those interested in and/or working in this field both nationally and internationally. The Society endeavours to promote the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas inspired by the diverse traditions of European thought (such as phenomenology, existentialism, critical theory, hermeneutics, feminism, deconstruction, poststructuralism, and so on), and to develop productive links with other international societies and associations that share similar goals and views. The ASCP holds an annual international conference in December, and has an official book series, Continental Philosophy in Austral-Asia, published with Rowman & Littlefield International.

Contact Information
Simone Bignall, Dr.
Joanne Faulkner, Dr.

GPO Box 2100
Adelaide, South Australia
+61 8 82012614

Asie et la côte Pacifique

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