Directorio de la red internacional de programas de teoría crítica

The International Institute for Cultural Studies

National Chiao Tung University/ University System of Taiwan

The International Institute for Cultural Studies, University System of Taiwan (IICS-UST) is Taiwan’s first ever inter-university academic institution. IICS-UST promotes innovative research and inter-disciplinary approaches to teaching in social sciences and humanities. Aiming to become one of the leading research centers in Asia, the institute includes four interdisciplinary research clusters, which specialize in critical theory and Asian modernity (convened by Prof. Kuan-Hsing Chen, NCTU); contemporary thought-trends and social movements (convened by Prof. Ding-Tzan Li, NTHU); gender/sexuality studies (convened by Prof. Josephine Chuen-Juei Ho, NCU); and visual culture studies (convened by Prof. Pin-Chia Feng, NCTU). Each cluster is supported by 15-25 outstanding scholars and specialists in the humanities and social sciences, and IICS-UST connects 19 member departments and seven academic centers.

Currently IICS features the joint-research project «Conflict and Justice: Inter-Asia Societies in Global Context, an integrative research base that bridges the humanities and social sciences.

With renowned professors and promising junior researchers working together, IICS and its four research clusters promote academic exchange and scholarly collaboration across national borders. Ongoing projects include:

•The International Chair Professors Program
•The Short-term Visiting Scholars Program
•The International Graduate Student Exchange Program
•The International Workshops and Conferences Program
•The Global Publication Program

International academic networks have been developed through:

•The Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series
•International Cooperation Agreements

IICS has so far cooperated with Chinese University of Hong Kong, the University of Hong Kong, the University of Sydney, the University of Tokyo, UC Irvine, UCLA, Rutgers State University of New Jersey, Leiden University, Shanghai University, East China Normal University, Shanghai, Tsing Hua University, Beijing, Nanjing University, Cornell University, and the University of Paris VIII.

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Joyce C.H. Liu, Professor

National Chiao Tung University/ University System of Taiwan
R212, HA Building 2, National Chiao Tung University
1001 University Road
Hsinchu, Taiwan

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