Répertoire du Réseau International des programmes de théorie critique

International Institute for Philosophy and Social Studies

The International Institute for Philosophy and Social Studies is a transnational research network dedicated to the inquiry on social life from critical perspectives, interdisciplinary methods and pluralistic theoretical frameworks. The Institute was founded in 2015 between Sydney, Australia and Santiago, Chile, with the task of producing social public knowledge across continental boundaries and with a global perspective. It fosters the relationships between different research organizations such as study groups, research centers, research departments, and universities through digital projects, academic events, joint research projects, and collective publications. Currently, the institute has offices in the cities of Santiago and Berlin.

Contact Information
Nicolás Del Valle, Director
Marco Ensignia, Coordinator

Graefestraße 62
Holanda 2145, Providencia, Santiago of Chile
Kreuzberg, Berlin
+491 5758 840116

Amérique du sud
Amérique latine et les Caraïbes
Asie et la côte Pacifique
Western Europe

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