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Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities

University of Queensland

The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH) was founded in July 2015.  It seeks to promote high level research in traditional humanities disciplines such as history, philosophy, and literature, while also engaging with more recent developments in the humanities, including cultural studies, communication, and science communication.

Our research interrogates cultural theory across three critical strands: (1) In Intellectual and Literary History, we primarily consider different historical modes and historiographical issues, including the ways in which critical stances in the academy have developed over time. We are particularly interested in the history of science and religion and the history of sexuality, especially in relation to early modern historiography, philosophy and theory; (2) In Critical Cultural Studies, our work engages with the contestation of publics, intimacies, ethnicities and genders, especially in terms of their articulation with visual representation, technological regimes and political dogma. In this contemporary setting, cultural theory engages ongoing struggles between orthodoxy and democracy; (3) In the History of Emotions, a node of the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions, the central focus rests upon cultural and intellectual productions and evolving theories of affect, emotion and the passions in European thought from 1100-1800.

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Adrian Athique, Professor
Karin Sellberg, Professor

University of Queensland
Level 5, Forgan Smith Building
University of Queensland
St Lucia, Queensland
+61 7 334 69492

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