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ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry

ICI - Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry

The ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry is an independent center for research and culture dedicated to exploring how diverse cultures can be brought into productive rather than pernicious confrontation. It takes ‘culture’ in a broad sense to include cultures associated with different identities (such as age, class, ethnicity, gender, nationality, race, religion, and sexuality), spaces (such as city, the internet, or work), or discourses (such as art, economics, law, media, politics, and science). The institute understands ‘culture’ as a contested and problematic notion and remains open to its various meanings in relation to other terms (such as implicit knowledge, nature, signifying practice, structures of feeling, and ways of life).

Christoph Holzey, PHD

ICI - Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry

Europe de l'Ouest

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