Répertoire du Réseau International des programmes de théorie critique

Vila Sul Residency


This thematically oriented residency program is aimed at established intellectuals,‭ ‬artists,‭ ‬scientists, and writers working in all areas,‭ ‬as well as at researchers and people who work in interdisciplinary fields.‭ ‬The general theme is the‭ South‭.

Starting from this focus on the‭ South‬,‭ ‬our residents for the first two years‭ (‬2016‭ ‬through‭ ‬2017‭) ‬will be part of the intercontinental project‭ ‬Episódios do Sul (Episodes of the South) ‬developed in South America.

‬Up to four residents will be invited at a time,‭ ‬for periods of up to two months,‭ ‬therefore amounting to up to‭ ‬20‭ ‬residents per year,‭ ‬to develop their research pertaining to the‭ ‘‬South‭’ ‬in Salvador da Bahia,‭ ‬and to interact with the local cultural scene,‭ ‬the city, and nature.‭ ‬There is no obligation for there to be production,‭ ‬and the result is open.‭ ‬Still,‭ ‬residents are required to hold a public presentation with available partners,‭ ‬if possible,‭ ‬twice during their stay.