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The Institute for Critical Social Inquiry Fellowships

Institute for Critical Social Inquiry
New School for Social Research

Advanced doctoral students and faculty in the humanities and social sciences are invited to apply for a fellowship in one of the three seminars held during the summer (applicants may select a first and a second choice on the application). If you select a second choice seminar, you MUST also explain in your statement why you would be a good fit for that seminar as well as your primary choice.

There are 60 available fellowships (20 per seminar).

If you do not attend the New School and have previously held a fellowship at the Institute for Critical Social Inquiry (ICSI), you are eligible to apply again; however, ICSI accepts no more than two previous fellows per seminar.

New School Ph.D. students/candidates who have not previously held fellowships at ICSI are eligible to apply and, if accepted, attend tuition-free; however, ICSI will accept no more than two fellows per seminar from the New School.

Successful applications will be those that demonstrate compelling research questions, significant intellectual preparation, and a commitment to critical and creative thought in a collaborative environment.

Tuition and Scholarships

Tuition includes the weeklong seminar (including five master classes and five workshops), one public lecture by each of the three faculty, one communal lunch, and the opening and closing receptions. Tuition does NOT cover travel, housing, or food. Tuition fees for all fellows are below-cost, thanks to funding from the New School’s Board of Trustees and private gifts.

Priority for reduced-tuition scholarships will be given to applicants from the Global South (Latin America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East), though in some cases we may consider scholars at institutions in Southern and Eastern Europe, and in very rare cases, scholars at resource-poor institutions in the United States and Canada.

Institute for Critical Social Inquiry

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