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Centre for Comparative Political Thought Fellowships

Centre for Comparative Political Thought
SOAS University of London

Honorary Appointments

All honorary appointments at SOAS University of London are made on the basis of academic merit and involve a process of nomination and approval. These appointments are non-commercial in nature.

Visiting Scholars

The title of Visiting Scholar is granted by the School to a recognized scholar from a university outside the UK, who is known to the recommending department or center, and who wishes to spend a period of time at the School for a stated period of no more than 12 months in the first instance.

Research Associates

The titles of Research Associate, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, or Professorial Research Associate designate an honorary status for a two-year period, offered by departments, faculty centers, or regional centers to individuals known to a recommending unit wishing to work with or affiliate their work with the department or center.

Senior Fellows

The title of Senior Fellow is granted by the School to those who have achieved distinction in a practice or profession of relevance to the SOAS mission, and wishing to actively work with the School in pursuit of a common goal.  The status of Senior Fellow is initiated by the School.

Centre for Comparative Political Thought

Contact Information
Charles Tripp , Professor, Chair of the CCPT
Hagar Kotef , Dr

SOAS University of London
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