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Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis Fellowship

Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis
University of Amsterdam

The Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA) recognizes two categories of PhD candidates. First, Ph.D. candidates employed by the Faculty receive direct funding from the Faculty of Humanities for their Ph.D. project. Sometimes the funding is made available by European Union or Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) grants. Sometimes the Faculty offers Ph.D. positions. The second category is externally or self-funded Ph.D. candidates who bring their own funding either by having a job on the side, or a stipend, loan, or grant from another source. These Ph.D. candidates are entitled to a small research budget, library access, e-mail facilities, supervision, and they have access to the programs offered by the research school to which they belong. We do not charge tuition, but the Ph.D. candidate must ensure the support of two supervisors, including one full professor. It is also possible to join ASCA for a certain period as a guest researcher.



Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis

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