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PoliTeSse – Politics and Theories of Sexuality

University of Verona

PoliTeSse – Politics and Theories of Sexuality is a center for research, education, and consultancy. PoliTeSse was formed by professors and researchers who work toward both theoretical and practical goals and who investigate the philosophical, legal, religious, ethical, biological, anthropological, cultural, sociological, pedagogical, medical, and historical aspects of human sexuality. The center stands for the values of human dignity and integrity as outlined in the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights, which affirms the right to self-determination in the fields of gender identity and sexual orientation and hence the right to healthcare and safety for sexual minorities. In addition, the center seeks to oppose sexism in all its forms: machismo, homophobia (targeting both gay men and lesbians), transphobia, gender violence, violence against children, bullying, and juridical and surgical violence against transgender/transsexual and intersex people. The center defines itself as an inter-disciplinary site of advanced research and promotes the dialogue among different methods and theories. These range from the tradition of the thought of sexual difference – of which the University of Verona has been a prestigious and prolific international centers since the 1980s – to the latest developments in gender studies (women’s studies, transgender studies, and the study of masculinity), queer theory (gay and lesbian studies), postcolonial theories, and disability studies. Our members combine theoretical research (in philosophy, religious studies, cultural studies, and literary, performance, and film studies) with empirical research (in medicine, anthropology, psychology, pedagogy, sociology, law, and history), encompassing both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

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Lorenzo Bernini, Professor
Massimo Prearo, Professor

University of Verona
Lorenzo Bernini, Dipartimento di Scienze Umane - Palazzo di Lettere, via San Francesco 22
Verona, Italia
+39 347 0163407

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