Directorio de la red internacional de programas de teoría crítica

International Center for Critical Theory

Peking University

The International Center for Critical Theory at Peking University was officially established in January 2010. As a global platform for humanities and social sciences research, it promotes high-level academic research and training. Its core mission aims at undertaking inter-departmental, interdisplinary, multilingual, cross-culture cooperative research in the fields of literature, culture and social thought. It seeks to gather and develop researchers with highly theoretical and methodological trainings in humanities. Ultimately, it hopes to form a core team of young scholars with critical analytical skills and the ability to express values, and thereby participate in the nation’s cultural and education policy making process. The team shall actively foster various social activities, involvement, promote domestic and international academic exchange while showcasing the latest accomplishment in the field of cultural criticism and practices of contemporary China.

Información de contacto
Zhang Xudong, Professor

Peking University

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Asia y la Cuenca del Pacífico

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