Directorio de la red internacional de programas de teoría crítica

Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics

University of Brighton

The Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics (CAPPE) was founded in 2005. It researches the links between philosophy, critical theory, global ethics, other disciplines, and the wider public. We host regular academic and public events, bringing debates in contemporary philosophy, critical theory, politics, and ethics to a wider audience. As an interdisciplinary center, CAPPE works with colleagues across the university, in the City of Brighton, where we are based ,and with institutions across the globe. Our critical theory scholars work across the history of critical theory, from the early Frankfurt School to French and Italian political philosophy, gender politics, decolonial studies, and populist politics. Drawing on contemporary critical theoretical work, with a broadly post-foundationalist perspective, we explore how critical theories interact with and respond to radical politics and protest. Our research engages with the populist movements of Southern Europe and Latin America, global protest movements, art activists, migrants who violate territorial borders, and slum dwellers who remake global cities, intervening critically to disrupt and improve their worlds. In the past decade, we have hosted many global events with leading critical theorists, and we maintain international partnerships across the world.

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Mark Devenney, Professor
Clare Woodford, Professor

University of Brighton
10-11 Pavilion parade
Brighton, East Sussex
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