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Center for the Humanities

Tufts University

The Center is organized around interdisciplinary work in comparative global humanities. While recent global exchanges and interdependency initiate new discussions of personhood, culture, society, and the world, the work of our center begins from the premise that global connections are not new, and that humanities and social science knowledge practices can be rethought in terms of global relationality that involve long histories of encounter through slavery, colonialism, migration and war. “Comparative global humanities” names firstly the critical study of what is at stake in the examination of the genealogies of “comparison,” “the global” and “the human.” Such study includes: consideration of relation and relationality, especially in terms of entanglements, intimacies, asymmetrical subjects, communities, and forces; the limits and configurations of “the human,” and its relation to animacies and assemblages, whether social, cultural, technoscientific, or material; archives, artifacts, performances, and curatorial practices in and unsettling “the humanities”; and distributed and discriminative knowledges.

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Lisa Lowe, Professor
Kris Manjapra, Professor

Tufts University
48 Professors Row
Tufts University
Medford, MA
United States

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