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Center for Advanced Studies of Southeastern Europe

University of Rijeka

The Center for Advanced Studies of Southeastern Europe (CAS-SEE) is an organizational unit of the University of Rijeka in Croatia that specializes in scientific research in the Social Sciences and Humanities. The Center houses high-level scientific activities that encourage public discussions of great social importance for the Balkan region and Europe. CAS-SEE seeks to promote freedom of research and ensure the necessary prerequisites for innovative intellectual and scientific development, and to strengthen transnational and regional scientific cooperation on social issues such as human rights, justice, democracy, and public policy, as well as other important issues of human coexistence. The Center has received strong support from the European Network of Centres for Advanced Study, and is the first regional scientific institution to attain full membership in this network.

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Sanja Bojanic, Professor
Kristina Smoljanovic,

University of Rijeka
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Radmile Matejcic 2

Europa del sur y Balcanes

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