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African Critical Inquiry Program

African Critical Inquiry Programme

The African Critical Inquiry Program (ACIP) seeks to advance inquiry and debate about the roles of public cultural domains and institutions in shaping identities and society in South Africa after colonialism and apartheid. The program has two components:

The first, an annual ACIP Workshop in South Africa, provides interdisciplinary, cross-institutional contexts to address issues central to such debate and to develop comparative, critical frameworks that can yield fresh insights, innovative and informed practice, and lively interchange for those working in and on institutions of public culture in Africa.

The second component, the Ivan Karp Doctoral Research Awards, fosters work by the next generation of scholar-practitioners.

In these ways, ACIP strengthens public scholarship and institutions of public culture in South Africa and enhances our understanding of these vital sites of cultural production and social action.

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Heidi Grunebaum, UWC Liaison
Corinne Kratz,

African Critical Inquiry Programme
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