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The Warburg Institute Archive

University of London

The Archive of the Warburg Institute preserves the working materials and papers of the Institute’s founder, Aby M. Warburg, and of other distinguished scholars closely associated with the Institute from its days in Hamburg to the present. The Archive also preserves papers relating to the history of the Institute as well as its academic and administrative records.

The Archive’s website also offers online access to Warburg’s Bildeatlas Mnemosyne. In February 1927, Warburg embarked in earnest on this project, which he never completed but is now one of his most famous works. The Bilderatlas was conceived over the course of more than two and a half years, as the summa of his life’s work. The project consisted of a work-in-progress series of wooden panels, covered with black cloth, on which he pinned clusters of images (photographic reproductions, photos, postcards, and various kinds of printed material), developed in several stages. Click here to access the Bilderatlas online.

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Claudia Wedepohl, Archivist

University of London
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+44 (0) 20 78628949

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