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The Arab Image Foundation

The Arab Image Foundation is an independent association forging new pathways for photography and image practices. Uniquely positioned at the intersection of artistic creation, research, and archiving, we explore, question, and confront the complex social and political realities of our times.

Our collection of over 500,000 photographic objects and documents from and related to the Middle East, North Africa, and the Arab diaspora has been gradually assembled over the last twenty years by artists and researchers and through donations. With a critical and innovative approach, we collect, rethink, preserve, activate, and work to understand these photographs through their multiple strata, and enrich our collection in the process.

The AIF seeks to engage a broad regional and international community in experimental thought and practice that extends photographic concepts. We offer an inspiring and welcoming environment open to everyone: through our digital platform, our space in Beirut, and our projects and partnerships. Artists, researchers, students, cultural practitioners, and the general public are warmly encouraged to learn, discover, create, and exchange ideas.

Información de contacto
Marc Mouarkech, Managing Director

Zoghbi Building, 4th Floor
337, Gouraud Street
Gemmayzeh Beirut,
+ 961 (0) 1 569 373

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