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Tanzquartier Wien Theory and Media Center Library and Archive

Tanzquartier Wien

Tanzquartier Wien’s publicly accessible theory and media centre offers singular research opportunities, including a unique library and vidéothèque and, as of fall 2015, an online médiathèque: The library offers specialist literature on dance science, performance theory, philosophy, the body, aesthetics, dance, and performance history, and dance training. In the media library you will find video recordings of local and international artists and companies, though our main focus is on works from the Austrian dance and performance scene.  The core of the media library is the archive of Tanzquartier Wien, which contains video tapes as well as video files of the artistic and discursive work that has taken place at Tanzquartier Wien (performances, lectures, research workshops, etc.) since its foundation 2001.

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Lejla Mehanovic,

Tanzquartier Wien

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