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Memoria Abierta

Asociación Civil Memoria Abierta

Memoria Abierta was created in 2000, by the main Argentinean human rights organizations that emerged in a context of resistance to the last dictatorship (1976-1983) and have been fighting ever since to secure memory, truth, and justice.

We work to systematically elaborate the memory of what happened during the last dictatorship. We are part of the legacy that these organizations are committed to leaving to Argentinean society and the world, so that the struggle against the dictatorship is not forgotten and the atrocities committed by it will not be repeated.

Since its inception, Memoria Abierta has focused on collecting, preserving, organizing, and disseminating documentation related to the period of state terrorism. (This includes the records of the human rights organizations that comprise this alliance.) We not only recover existing files, but also produce new ones; we have an extensive oral archive with more than 1,000 testimonies, and we produce information about the use of territories and sites by repressive forces.

Because of our long experience and growing reputation in the field, we have also become an important point of reference in the international movement dedicated to preserving documentation of human rights crimes. Our archives have been incorporated into the UNESCO Memory of the World Program.

María Verónica Torras, Director
María Alejandra Pavicich, Coordinator of Institutional Development

Asociación Civil Memoria Abierta
Avenida Libertador 8151
Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
+54 11 5275-2170 / 5275-2173

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