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Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach

German Literature Archive Marbach

The Marbach collection of manuscripts of German-language philosophy primarily contains holdings from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, alongside Swabian philosophers of the nineteenth century, such as David Friedrich Strauß and Friedrich Theodor Vischer. The acquisition of the papers of Martin Heidegger, made possible by Hannah Arendt in 1969, marks the beginning of our collection of modern philosophy. Since then, the continually growing collection has emphasized the phenomenological, existential, and hermeneutical traditions.  Among our most important holdings are those of Hannah Arendt, Hans Blumenberg, Hans-Georg Gadamer, Arnold Gehlen, Nicolai Hartmann, Karl Jaspers, Ludwig Klages, Edith Landmann, Hermann Lübbe, Karl Löwith, Odo Marquard, Joachim Ritter, and Ernst Tugendhat.

In the German Literature Archive Marbach, around 230 estates, archives and collections of Germanists and scholars of related fields are accessible for research, including the major holdings of Richard Alewyn, Erich Auerbach, Käte Hamburger, Wolfgang Iser, Hans Robert Jauß, Friedrich Kittler, Max Kommerell, Lea Ritter-Santina, and Peter Szondi as well as records of journals, professional organizations and associations. In addition, the Marbach collections contain selected papers of prominent representatives of other disciplines in the humanities, such as Norbert Elias, Reinhart Koselleck, and Dolf Sternberger.

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Ulrich von Bülow, Head of Archive
Anna Kinder, Head of Department of Research

German Literature Archive Marbach
Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach
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