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Program in Critical and Cultural Theory

Charles University

The Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory at Charles University continues the tradition of interdisciplinary research established by members of the Prague School, evolving from linguistic structuralism and semiotics to studies in hypermedia, textual genetics, and technicity. Members of the center are internationally recognized researchers in a diverse range of fields and are widely involved in scholarly publication, education policy, teaching exchange and grant coordination. A major focus of the center is the European Thematic Network ACUME2: Interfacing the Science, Literature, and the Humanities.

The center’s teaching is concentrated at the M.A. and Ph.D. levels, with a limited number of optional seminars available to undergraduates. Graduate research is invited in all areas related to teaching and of topical interest to individual lecturers. These include all areas of contemporary critical and cultural theory, visual culture, performance, film, and poetics. Teaching within the center is divided into four strands: modernist studies; literary theory; film studies; and performance studies. All areas of teaching and research are broadly comparative, with a grounding in textual theories and research methodologies.

The center is also involved in designing a joint interdisciplinary Ph.D programme with the Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris-3, focusing on relations between scientific and humanistic discourses, in their historical and philosophical contexts.

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Louis Armand, Professor
David Vichnar, Professor

Charles University
Nam. J. Palacha 2
Praha 1, Czech Republic
Czech Republic

Eurasia and Eastern Europe

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