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Politics, Ethics, Aesthetics

Bard College at Simon's Rock

At the heart of this concentration at Bard College at Simon’s Rock lie questions about the nature and meaning of politics and power; the actions of, and relations among and between, individuals, groups, and institutions; systems, structures, societies, and the conflicts that beset and vitalize them.

The concentration raises questions about the origins and intersections of various systems of power and subjectivity. It explores the philosophies, theories, and enactments of law and governance, and makes central the struggles between ideals and human actions to attain them. The concentration seeks to politicize the very questions of epistemology and method, and thus encourages a plurality of approaches to social and political inquiry and action.

Politics, Ethics, Aesthetics deals with the foundations of politics, the history of principles, concepts, and discourses, and the form and content of politics as a realm of human existence and judgment that relates to other realms of existence and judgment, such as ethics and aesthetics. In focusing on the conjunction of these realms as they create and sustain life-worlds, it spans issues of the production of knowledge, values, meaning, action, and human experience itself, thus centering practices and attitudes of ordinary life.

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Asma Abbas, Professor

Bard College at Simon's Rock
84 Alford Road
Great Barrington, MA
Estados Unidos

North America

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