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M.A. in Society and Culture

Indian Institute of Technology - Gandhinagar

The M.A. program in Society and Culture at the Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar aims to provide an analytical lens and theoretical perspectives in disciplines including History, Culture Studies, Literature, Translation Studies, Sociology, Political Science and Anthropology. The M.A. curriculum combines core learnings in theory and methods with a range of advanced electives in specific disciplines. That is, students interested in particular disciplines may take specific tracks/sub-fields that allow them to deepen their knowledge and critically engage in the contemporary body of scholarship shaping the humanities and social sciences intellectual traditions. As a capstone project, all M.A. students complete a master’s level thesis that allow them to work closely with a faculty advisor in the students’ preferred field of specialization. Given the strong research interest in India and South Asia at large, the program draws illustrations from that field, however, students are welcome to go beyond specific regions and histories with personalized guidance from the faculty.

Contact Information
Angus McBlane, Professor
Arnapurna Rath, Professor

Indian Institute of Technology - Gandhinagar
IIT - Gandhinagar
Palaj Campus
Gandhinagar, Gujarat

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