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M.A. Program in Critical Political Studies

Singidunum University

The M.A. Program in Critical Political Studies is designed to provide post-graduate level education for students interested in the fields of international studies and political theory. In this interdisciplinary program, students will critically engage with contemporary theoretical debates in the fields of global politics, comparative politics, international relations, conflict and post-conflict studies, citizenship and social movements, feminist theory, art and culture and their social and political role, and urban critical theory.

The program focuses on critical approaches to problems related to fast-changing socio-political landscapes. One of the aims of this program is to strengthen the critical aspects of political theory and political studies by creating broader cross-disciplinary reflections on emerging political perspectives and alternative imaginaries.

Our overall focus is on contemporary critical political and social theories and practices. Specific areas of focus include: critical approaches to theories of politics; notions of the political and its contemporary transformations; conflict and post-conflict studies; critical perspectives on citizenship and social engagement; and urban politics.

The program is conducted in Serbian and English.

Contact Information
Jelisaveta Blagojevic, Head of the Department
Jovana Timotijevic, Department Coordinator

Singidunum University
Karadjordjeva 65
Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

Balkans and Southern Europe

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