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M.A. in Critical Theory

University of Kent

This program offers students the chance to study a range of theories in depth. It engages with modern literary theory, psychoanalytical theory, political theory, and theories of visual and aesthetic experience. Participants reflect on these areas of thinking in themselves and as they relate to particular literary texts, to post-enlightenment philosophy, and to other relevant areas of culture and experience. The program is for those interested in writing, reading, language, art, the self, literature, and discovering more about the relations between literature and philosophical thought. The M.A. in Critical Theory offers courses that survey a wide range of modern theoretical approaches, and a range of other options covering postcolonial theory, theories of art, modern approaches to comparative literature, deconstruction, and a chance to work in depth on a single key theoretical text and the writings it refers to. Students take two taught courses per term in the first two terms, followed by a dissertation on a theoretical topic of their choice in the third term.

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Sarah Wood, Professor

University of Kent
School of English
University of Kent
Canterbury, Kent
Reino Unido

Europa del norte

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