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LL.M. in Law and the Humanities

University of Kent

Law and the Humanities is a distinct field of interdisciplinary study of growing significance. As the only program of its kind in the UK, this LL.M. specialization, taught at the University’s Canterbury and Paris centers, offers a unique perspective on the study and practice of law.

Our program draws on the theoretical and methodological richness of the humanities, including history, political and social theory, literature, theater, and visual culture studies, to equip students with the conceptual tools and skills for a more thorough understanding of the traditions and workings of the law. The LL.M. program develops and strengthens students’ analytical, critical, and imaginative capabilities, and cultivates specific skills such as textual analysis, critical reading, and effective argument.

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Maria Drakopoulou, Professor
Connal Parsley, Professor

University of Kent
Kent Law School
Eliot College, University of Kent
Canterbury, Kent
Reino Unido

Europa del norte

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